Federal Immigration

Immigrants have made Canada, partly because it constantly needed newcomers to stimulate its economy and maintain population and partly because its rich natural resources and technological advancements offer better future to many. Majority of Canadians believe that every person has an inborn right to seek out and enjoy a life which is free from hardship and oppression and discover a healthier way of living for his family. Its immigration policy is, in part, is also a reflection of this belief.

Many overseas workers who apply for Federal immigration to Canada are skilled workers. By definition, a skilled worker is someone who has acquired a special knowledge, skill, or ability in his work through education or job. Since these workers have a particular dexterity, they are favoured hugely in western countries including Canada. As per the Federal immigration guidelines, skilled workers are allowed to enter the names of their spouse and dependent children for permanent residency.

The process of Immigration is jointly handled by federal and provincial governments. Majority of new immigrants enter Canada through federal immigration programs, such as refugee protection, family or economic immigration program. Their immigration can be either permanent or temporary. The foreign nationals who come to Canada on visitor visa or temporary work/student permit leave the country after their visa expires.

The Federal Skilled Worker immigration applications for professionals are assessed on the following factors:


Education forms the basic requirement for any individual entering in the country and an applicant can be awarded up to 25 points for this.


Applicants are expected to be fluent either in English or French, the official language of Canada and can be awarded up to 24 points.

Experience and Skills

With experience a person brings talent, technical or non-technical knowhow, and can be awarded up to 21 points.


The capability of a person to adapt himself to a new environment, people and job is rated on the scale of 1-10 and an applicant can awarded up to 10 points.


A person must have reached the age of 18 years at the time of applying for federal immigration. Candidates are awarded up to 10 points for age.

Arranged Employment

A person, who has arranged for some employment beforehand is a preferred choice as he is bringing value to the country, can be awarded up to 10 points.

These factors help immigration authorities to judge which applicants are more likely to bring good social and economic value to the country. Applicants are also required to show that they have enough money to support themselves for few initial months in a foreign land and must score at least 67 points to clear the immigration process.

For any individual shifting his or her base to another country, the next major worry is to sponsor the immediate family.

Canada Immigration

Like many other countries, Canada also follows certain guidelines for family sponsorships. Under this program, close relatives and immediate family of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can migrate if they comply to few conditions.

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