Investor Immigration - both Canadian Federal and Quebec

For an individual to become eligible for migration under the investor division of business class, the main criterion is to have a net worth of minimum $800,000 Canadian dollars. The assets of spouse can be included while assessing the net worth.

Investor immigration requires the individual to show an investment of $400,000 Canadian dollars in one or more projects in Canada. Such an investment must be approved by the CIC in advance. An investment made by immigrants is used to fund economic development and job creation by the federal government.

The applicant is authorized take back the complete amount of investment after five years. Though the provincial government does not give any interest on it, the investment Is secured against any loss.

The problem that a lot of potential business immigrants face is that although they are able to meet the net worth requirements of the program, it becomes slightly difficult to raise the liquid assets worth $400,000 Canadian Dollars. To put money on hold for 5 years without earning any interest on it actually depreciates its value.

Therefore, most investors have the option to apply for a loan from a bank or other financial institute in Canada. If the load in sanctioned, the amount required is $12000 Canadian Dollars and rest 70% can be taken on loan. Under this scheme, at the end of five years $12000 is paid directly to the bank by the provincial government and applicant doesn't get back anything.

Beside the net worth requirement, the investor has to prove that he or she has relevant experience in running a business. As far as the investor immigration is concerned, Quebec government is much more adept in handling it. it has some strict rules and offers a more secured investor immigration program.

One of the major advantages of immigrating under this scheme is that participants are not required to start their own business in the country as in the case of the immigration under Entrepreneur program. Also, the all the provinces and territories completely guarantee safety of investment made by the applicant.

For the applicant, to immigrate to the province of Quebec, new assets of at least $800,000 CAN is necessary. Such amount must not be obtained illegally and through donation. Along with this, the applicant must have minimum 3 years of experience in commercial or industrial business, farming or a profession where at least two other people must have occupied full time job status. Other factors taken into consideration are age, reason for immigration, language proficiency and duration of professional training.

For any individual shifting his or her base to another country, the next major worry is to sponsor the immediate family.

Canada Immigration

Like many other countries, Canada also follows certain guidelines for family sponsorships. Under this program, close relatives and immediate family of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can migrate if they comply to few conditions.

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