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Canadian Immigration under Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) operates under the Section 87(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations Act (IRPRA). This nominee program is highly similar to Quebec Skilled Worker Program, which operates under IRPRA 86(1). Both PNP and Skilled Worker.

Programs work in conjunction with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to offer bright opportunities to provinces for selecting immigrants that can play an important role in the overall economic growth of the country. The federal government has signed bilateral agreements with different provinces to allow them to nominate and recommend people that have some specific skills and can become permanent residents of the country. These provinces in turn assess the nominees on their ability to contribute to the economic growth and development of that province.

Applicants filing for permanent residency through PNP are given priority by the Canadian citizenship and immigration cell over the other applications. Given the considerable amount of delays encountered by majority of applicants, immigration under a PNP program is highly desirable due to the importance it gets.

Individual provinces issue nomination certificates to people who have a genuine reason to permanently settle in that state. If an applicant is successful in convincing a provincial authority that he or she possesses a skill which is unique and can prove to be beneficial, the respective provincial authority will issue that individual a certificate of recommendation. However, the applicant has to meet all other statutory requirements laid by Citizenship and Immigration Canada including the one which requires people to be economically established before applying. Upon meeting all these conditions successfully, a person is issued a permanent immigrant visa to entry into the country.

All those who wish to apply under PNP program are generally advised to examine the job market to get a feel about different occupations prevailing in the province. This can be done through using 'Working in Canada Tool' which is an open end report which includes information on employment opportunities and wages that are offered by different industries. This report can help the applicant in analyzing work conditions before he or she even begin their travel to Canada. After obtaining the provincial nomination certificate, an applicant can submit the application along with other documents and fees at a designated Canadian Immigration office. Apart than economic stability, eligibility for the program also includes passing a medical examination and clearing a background check.

For any individual shifting his or her base to another country, the next major worry is to sponsor the immediate family.

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Like many other countries, Canada also follows certain guidelines for family sponsorships. Under this program, close relatives and immediate family of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can migrate if they comply to few conditions.

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