Canada's Refugee System

Our world is in chaotic state today. There are many who have to flee their own country due to civil wars, violence, attack on human rights, scarcity of resources and unavailability of means to earn etc. these people, called as refugees, are the ones who need protection as they live in constant fear and cannot return to their country of origin.

Canadian government, keeping in touch with its humanitarian tradition offers protection to thousands of refugees every year. Based on this international obligation, Canada has a refugee system that allows individuals to sponsor refugees from abroad who can qualify to come to Canada for a respectful living.

According to a recent study released by the High Commissioner for Refugees at United Nations (UNHCR), the total number of refugees all over the world was steadily declining till Dec 2005 when it almost reached 8.5 million, which was the lowest since 1975. However, current trends have indicated that this figure has now been growing since the last 5 years and the global refugee population is expected to reach 10 million by the mid of 2010.

There is another disturbing trend which states that the average amount of time a refugee spends in exile has increased to 18 years now. There has also been a rise in internally displaced population which constitutes of people who move from one place to another for their safety within their own country.

The federal government of Canada is deeply engaged in helping these people by finding comprehensive solutions. Emerging democracies need some international commitment in resolving such kind of problems and disturbance.

The refugee system of Canada protects their interest in two ways:

  • Domestic refugee protection system
  • Humanitarian Resettlement Program

The first one is to help those who are already in Canada and Humanitarian Resettlement Program takes care of people seeking the country's protection from outside. By selecting people through this program, usually around 25,000 people are accepted in a year.

The domestic asylum system provides protection to refugees in Canada who have run away from their country with the aim of never returning back to it. UNHCR always works closely with Canadian people to offer active assistance to the refugees worldwide and help them in resettling in Canada, whenever appropriate.

For any individual shifting his or her base to another country, the next major worry is to sponsor the immediate family.

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Like many other countries, Canada also follows certain guidelines for family sponsorships. Under this program, close relatives and immediate family of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can migrate if they comply to few conditions.

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