Immigration to Canada for Self Employed Professionals

Canada immigration is usually based on non - discriminatory principles. The business immigration to Canada under self-employed immigration program is designed to attract those foreign nationals who have the capability of employing themselves along with making significant contributions to farming, sports or cultural activities in Canada.

Self employed people like to choose Canada as it provides supportive environment, a strong economy, effective legal system and well established and global trade links. A person needs to comply with the following conditions in order to qualify for Self- employed immigration program:

Relevant Experience

An applicant must have at least two years of full time experience of one of the listed types of experiences from the period beginning 5 years before the date of applying for the permanent resident visa. This time period ends on the day a decision is declared with respect to the application. The list includes experience in any of these:

  • Knowledge and understanding of farming, proof of hands on experience necessary.
  • Active participant in cultural activities, must have organized or participated in stage shows, state, zonal or national competitions.
  • Participation in athletic activities such as cycling, boxing, running, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, badminton, hockey, horse riding etc.

This experience requirement does not apply to those people who have taken part in at a world-class level in athletics or cultural activities for more than 24 months within the last 60 months.

The Canadian permanent residency association identifies a world class person as someone who is known internationally. The association also excludes those who may not be known worldwide but have performed at the highest levels in their discipline.

Some of the examples of self-employed category:

Artists, freelance writers, music teachers, dancers, artists, video recorders, illustrators, film makers, journalists, designers, choreographers, teachers, coaches, set designers, theatrical/musical directors, and farmers.

Self employed people applying through this program are not imposed with any immigration conditions. After your application is approved for permanent residency, the government of Canada expects you to have enough money to support yourself and your immediate family members.

You are also expected to add value to the country as whole by channelizing your talent in such a way that maximum amount of people can take benefit from it. For example if you have migrated as a certified trainer, you can join a training firm as an outside consultant and can advise it on their training need analysis. A self-employed person does not need any minimum investment and the capital required depends on the nature of work.

For any individual shifting his or her base to another country, the next major worry is to sponsor the immediate family.

Canada Immigration

Like many other countries, Canada also follows certain guidelines for family sponsorships. Under this program, close relatives and immediate family of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can migrate if they comply to few conditions.

Membership / Association

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